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Locksmiths Guild - Landmark Locksmith Bill Passes Oregon House

Locksmiths Guild -SALEM, Oregon - Landmark legislation to license locksmiths was approved by the Oregon House of Representatives today by a vote of 56 to 3. State Representative John Huffman (R-The Dalles) said that the state must "ensure the public has confidence, competent, technicians to help protect families and businesses by certified locksmiths.

House Bill 3127 allows the Board of Construction Contractors for background checks, require locksmiths to pass an examination and enact other laws. locksmiths up to 2,000 people could be licensed under HB 3127.

Currently there is no right to determine who can and can not be a locksmith. "That means that a sex offender or someone with a felony can have access to knowledge and materials to walk through any door," said Huffman. During his speech on the floor of the Oregon House of Representatives also noted that scam artists are preying on consumers.

"If you look in the phone book or call 411 are located outside the state hundreds of scammers ripping to customers through labor and poor quality of the bait and switch schemes, costing the public thousands of dollars on false charges, "Huffman said after the vote. HB 3127 added to help hundreds of small businesses throughout Oregon, the legitimate locksmith shops.

"In this changing economy, the last thing we need is someone scamming us of our money and security," said Chris Tardiff CMS, and Master Certified SafeCracker owner KeyConcepts locksmith service and Safecracker. "Legislation of this kind makes a strong statement on the ethics of the State of Oregon strives to keep. "

"We are proud of the legislation that protects the public and maintains the good name of locksmiths," said Ernie Blatz, President of the Pacific Locksmith Association and Owners Ernie Locks and keys in The Dalles and Hood River. "We are anxious for the safety of this bill will bring to the general public." The legislation was sponsored by the Association of Pacific locks with the help of their national group, the Association of locksmiths of America.

One of the thousands of Oregon who was a victim of these unscrupulous people every year is Claudine Werner Lake Oswego. She uses an 800 number to contact a locksmith claiming to be from Tigard. He changed the lock on your gate with a knock-off key. When a locksmith finally came, he found the lock was set up to accept a master key as well.

"I assure you, to know that a key to your front door is there somewhere in the world is very disturbing and frightening experience," said Werner. "Other large cities in this country have experienced locksmiths who shared false or sold the duplicate keys of houses and cars. Oregon citizens should be protected from this invasive crime." Source: State Representative John Huffman- Locksmiths Guild


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