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Locksmiths Blog Maps

There are many private training companies that offer courses in locksmithing, but those serious about becoming locksmiths should investigate the Associated Locksmiths of America training program that leads to certification. ALOA training is offered across the country and a schedule of classes and schools that offer ALOA training is available on their web site. ALOA offers four levels of certification for locksmiths in 10 mandatory categories and 26 elective categories. They also offer two levels of safe certification. Many locksmiths are self-employed, but others find work with the government, in schools, in businesses, or in apartment building and hotels.

Locksmithing is a skill that has a perpetual demand in the marketplace. Soon after the invention of the first lock, someone was needed to assist those who lost keys. Even as the future brings new security technology individuals will find the need for trained locksmiths who can install and apply entry skills to a variety of new security systems.

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