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Fire claims Morgan Junction locksmith’s business,

Thanks to WSBers Mike and Amy for e-mailing to point out that Puget Sound Key and Lock has disappeared from its storefront in the 6000 block of California SW. Even if you haven’t used a locksmith in years, the name may be familiar; it’s the business gutted 11 months ago by a still-unsolved arson attack. The morning it happened, owner Mike Dein told us he had no insurance — “They just killed my life” was the quote in our headline — this photo showed him with the building landlord, surveying the damage:


Within hours, his plight moved WSB Forum members to action - they organized a fundraiser a month later to help him get back on his feet. Finally, on August 11th, he reopened the shop … but now, it’s gone. We reached Mike by phone this afternoon and asked what happened. “I just couldn’t make it,” he said. “The losses were too great.” He wanted to be sure everyone who helped him and offered support knows he remains grateful; he’s sold the mobile business to his former partner, who he says is using it exclusively to handle AAA contracts to help drivers. And he’s moving on to the next chapter in his life - half of which he says he has spent locksmithing, though he’s only 31.


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